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   "But in reality, intuition is the condensation of vast prior analytical experience; it is analysis compressed and crystallized"
                 Elkhonon Goldberg - "The Wisdom Paradox"





It looks easy for the surfer, but his intuitive command of the board and the wave is only arrived at by repeated occurrences of similar but differing experiences. Likewise, what you got with T750 is business wisdom through experience that provided advantage for your business or project.

About T750

From 2005 to 2020, T750 Ltd. was the vehicle for services, such as business planning and systems design, provided by John Caldwell.  John worked not only on individual assignments, but also as part of a team, whether in yours or as a team of associates. John is now retired, and T750 Ltd. was closed in 2020. 

Have a look at the Services, Sectors and Customers pages to find out more detail of the types of projects, the industries and the customers.

About John

John Caldwell - t750 business design consultant in GlasgowJohn had decades of experience working in various industries, large and small, as well as starting, owning and advising new businesses.

It all started in the latter days of secondary school, working summer jobs, primarily as an unskilled worker in the construction industry. After University followed a spell of working as a Physics Teacher, before moving into software systems development & design in large international manufacturing companies. With the experience gained in these industries and systems, the next stage was working in a variety of industries with clients of a Canadian rapid software development company.

The opportunity then arose to start a software development company to develop and provide a CRM packaged system to the UK Economic Development sector - indeed becoming the dominant supplier in England and Wales. The business then expanded internationally with its award-winning contact-centre software product.

Since 2001, it was about passing on these experiences to help other business or projects. Learn more about the experience which John brought to a project or business: see Career Summary and Education & Training below...


T750 supported the Paisley bid for the UK City of Culture 2021.
Paisley 2021 website

...what Paisley is today.

Career Summary 
(Life before T750)

4 years to 2005: co-founding Director of Compertum Ltd, a business improvement consultancy - included raising over £2.5M funding for SMEs, John was also a non-exec Director of London-based Active Agent Technologies Ltd, sold to T-Mobile in 2005.

11 years
to 2001, from scratch as a co-founding Director (CTO) of an international CRM software business - Initiative Software Ltd, now Inisoft Ltd.

1.5 years
to 1990 as Technical Services Manager for Task Systems Ltd, including packaged manufacturing and accounting systems implementation.
4 years to 1989 providing technical consultancy and sales for Cognos Ltd, including setting up and opening the Scottish office; manufacturing systems specialist. Canadian-based Cognos produces business intelligence and performance management software products, and was purchased by IBM in 2007 for $5bn.

2 years to 1985 as Manufacturing Systems Project Manager for Levi Strauss, Northern Europe, including setting up local manufacturing support for the (then) factories based in Scotland and North East England plus the Scandinavian Distribution centre in Helsingborg, Sweden.

3 years
to 1983 as developer and production systems designer for Ciba-Geigy Pigments UK Ltd in Paisley. This site was bought by the BASF Group in 2009, and it became "most modern pigment plant of its type in the world". In 2013 BASF announced that the factory was to close, which it did in 2014, and the site sold to a housing developer in 2015.

7 years
from 1972 in education as a Physics Teacher with Renfrewshire County Council and Strathclyde Regional Council

3 years
from 1983 as part-time as a Tutor-counsellor with the Open University (and the day job in IT manufacturing systems).


Education & Training

BA (Hons 1) Physics & Computing - Open University
BSc Pure Science - University of Glasgow
Diploma in Secondary Education - Jordanhill College of Education
Smart Exporter
- Scottish Development International
Strategic Business Planning
- Glasgow Opportunities
Managing for Productivity - Organizational Dynamics Inc.
Systems Analysis & Design - John Matchett Ltd
PowerDesign - Cognos Ltd
Structured Analysis & Design - Yourdon Inc.
Structured Programming - Paul Noll

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