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 John Caldwell's Old Initiative Software Business Cards

T750 Business Design - Initiative 1 Card.jpg (17617 bytes) 1990 - 1992: The beginning in Drumchapel, Glasgow. John was a founding Director, along with Ken Beattie and Alistair Smith. 
Drumchapel Opportunities are equity investor in the start-up.

First product - Tracker - CRM for 3rd tier local area initiatives in the UK, designed and built with Drumchapel Opportunities as the model.
T750 Business Design - Initiative 2 Card.jpg (16034 bytes) 1992 - 1994: First move - Carlton Place in Glasgow City Centre.
Next product - LinkTrack® - CRM for Business Links & TECs

T750 Business Design - Initiative 3 Card.jpg (11997 bytes)

1994 - 2000: Expansion to The Pentagon Centre, Washington St., Glasgow.
Outgrown Carlton Place due to success of LinkTrack - the dominant Local Economic Development CRM in England and Wales.
Entry into Contact Centre Market with synTelate®, conceived & architected by John.

T750 Business Design - Initiative 4 Card.jpg (12016 bytes) 2000:
Further expansion to Granite House in Stockwell St., Glasgow. 
Staff expanding to 55 in UK and USA
£2M of VC funding.
Opening of US operation - Syntelate Corp. This synTelate card was for use in UK & USA. Syntelate Corp is the US subsidiary, with offices in Boston, MA in the USA.
The synTelate® and LinkTrack® products were designed, and the synTelate® name devised, by John. 

synTelate® won four awards in the USA in 2000 and 2001:

  • Jun 2001 - Best of Show at CIS Conference & Expo 2001 in Atlanta, GA.
  • Dec 2000 - Product of the Year Award from from Customer Inter@ction Solutions magazine
  • Dec 2000 - Product of the Year Award from Computer Telephony magazine
  • Sep 2000 - Editor's choice, C@ll Center CRM Solutions magazine
Notes: John exited Initiative Software Limited (ISL) in 2001. ISL became a wholly owned subsidiary of Inisoft Limited, as a management buyout in February 2006. Although ISL remained as a legal entity, the entire business and assets of ISL were transferred to Inisoft Limited. Inisoft was bought by Response, part of Murray International Holdings Ltd, in June 2008. 

In late August 2014, Response was sold. A management buyout headed by Managing Director Brian Bannatyne purchased the company from Murray International Holdings Ltd. In October 2015, the company having been sold changed its name to Kura CS Limited, Kura being the name of the takeover vehicle used by Bannatyne to stage the buyout of Response and a play on the word cura, a Latin word meaning helpful or careful. 

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