Affordable Homes That Don't Cost The Earth


Simple living is Ballyconnelly's award-winning Scandinavian inspired design for energy efficient homes. 


As an eco-building design consultancy, we challenged ourselves to make green living normal, to make green homes look and cost the same as the conventional homes being built today.


Our solution was to embrace modern methods of construction, combining style and passive standards without compromise.  


While everyone else was talking about it, we proved it could be done - we built them...

 Enkelt affordable low-energy eco-house in Dunoon

The result is award-winning, affordable, aspirational and contemporary homes, built to passive standards that appeal to everyone and cost the same as traditional builds, yet cost less in energy.


Our technique uses the Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) as the basis for the air-tight inner living envelope - a highly efficient structure that can be clad in a variety of normal exterior walls. Space heating is reduced by at least 90%.


These can be designed by your architect and building contractor to be suitable for either social or private homes, these techniques are also suitable for commercial and public buildings, such as offices and schools.


Using off-site manufacture of the SIP envelope, the final build cost is optimised, and delays due to unpredictable weather and site issues are minimised.


We all know that Government is committed in "Building a Greener Future: policy statement" (PDF, 268kb) to "achieve a zero carbon goal in three steps":

Our long term goals include supporting the existing timber frame industry with an energy efficient SIP panel solution that will enable these established companies to meet the building regulations for the future.


2010 is well past - 2016 is even closer than you think!
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